No need to break the Piggy Bank


This Christmas there is no need to break the piggy bank to buy expensive gifts to impress friends and family.  With all the alternatives to designer labels, low-cost brands and reduced prices in the stores this years christmas shopping will be easier and more fun than ever (especially if you have a few christmas cocktails after a day of shopping to celebrate all the money you saved).

Esta Navidad no hay ninguna razón para romper la hucha comprando regalos caros para dejar impresionados a amigos y familiares.  Con tantas alternativas a las marcas, tiendas low-cost y precios ya rebajados en las tiendas, esta navidad ir de compras será mas fácil que nunca y divertido (especialmente si después de un día de compras te gastas ese dinero ahorrado un unos cocktails navideños con amigos). 

Looking for the old standby, a gift which you cannot go wrong with (make sure you know the size)…….GLOVES and if they are leather with fur, even better.

Buscando un regalo fácil, infalible (asegúrate de conocer la talla)……GUANTES, y si son de piel y tienen pelo, incluso mejor. 


Here come the Spice Girls (yes again) and with them they have resurrected the hightop sneaker, a very fashionable and comfortable shoe.  No worries if you don`t want to spend major $$$ on this passerby trend, this year every store like H&M, Pull and Bear, Mango etc has versioned of this shoe.

Vuelven las Spice Girls (desgraciadamente si) y con ellas vuelven los hightop sneakers, una zapatilla cómoda y que esta muy de moda.  Pero no te preocupes si no quieres gastarte mucho dinero en una moda pasajera, esta temporada todas las tiendas como H&M, Pull and Bear, Mango etc han sacado sus versiones.


A woman cannot have a nightlife and not own a clutch purse but this years clutches come in all sizes and you could go for the classic handheld clutch or look for an XL clutch which can also be used daily.  Or look for the functional and stylish clutch which combines both size and style, in distressed leathers or animal prints making this an all around accessory.

Una mujer no puede tener una vida social sin tener un bolso tipo clutch pero este año los modelos vienen en todos los tamaños y podrías optar por el clutch clásico o tipo XL que se puede usar a diario.  Busca un modelo funcional y estiloso que combina pieles con personalidad o en estampados de animal haciendo que sea un accesorio todo terreno.


One needs to always protect it`s most precious valuables so why would you let your Iphone go bear when you can cover it, wrap it or bag it in something very stylish like these leather Iphone cases from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Uno siempre necesita proteger sus pertenencias mas valiosas entonces porque dejar tu IPhone desnudo cuando lo puedes cubrir, tapar o guardarlo en un bolso tan estiloso como este de piel de Marc por Marc Jacobs.


Last but not least, my favorite fall/winter accessory………(drum roll please)…….the Muffler or Eternity scarf.  And if you really want to impress that special someone make sure it is a fur scarf that way every time they feel the luxurious warmth of fur they will be thinking of you!

Dejando lo mejor para lo último, mi accesorio favorito del otoño/invierno……..(redoble de tambores)…..el Muffler.  Y si de verdad quieres impresionar esa persona asegúrate que sea de piel de zorro, visón, conejo, marmota etc para que cada vez que lo lleva siente el lujo y el calor de la piel y piense en ti.


Merry Christmas and a special thanks to all of our readers who have allowed us to reach over 10,000 visits this year!!!!!!

Feliz Navidad y muchas gracias a todos nuestros lectores quienes nos han ayudado llegar a más de 10,000 visitas este año

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Fur IS sexy


Which images come into your mind when you think of fashion and winter?   I think of layers and layers of clothes.  Heavy coats which make me look frumpy and not at all stylish.  That`s why I like this picture above.  Both he and she are at their sexiest in their winter clothes.  That`s the effect of fur and leather.  Very hot, very sexy!  With fur and leather you cannot get any more natural, in fact it´s the MOST natural material there is. And if natural isn`t sexy, then what is.  The beauty of this natural material is that it  is constantly adapting to our bodies, and at the same time giving us warmth and making us look great.  Having said that………I have a little secret to confess.  I have already told you that I do not like the cold but when winter rolls around I am already dreaming of wearing my fur coat. I love to wear it and I cannot keep my hands of myself.  In fact I find that other people are much more touchy-feely with me when I am wearing it.  You cannot beat the feel of fur.  Another reason why I like this picture is the way they are posing, leaning up against each other… on skin.  Okay okay, I am getting carried away, but don`t worry I won`t take it to the next level unlike this article I read last week in a Spanish newspaper, ¨El País¨.


It`s about the ¨furry¨ movement which is becoming increasing popular.  The basic definition for a ¨furry¨ is an anthropomorphized animal character.  Or in other words an animal character given human-like attributes which is seen alot in comics nowadays.  But this article does take it to the next level and talks about ¨furries¨ and ¨yiffs¨.  People who like to dress up as animals and engage in sexual relations.


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